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The Ensemble

Traditional choreography

"Share your passion with the public with the traditional choreographic ensemble"

P resentation

vidéo présentation

In the heart of the Rennes region, the choreographic ensemble of the Cercle Celtique Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné is a traditional dance group that works to enhance the dance, song and sartorial heritage of Upper Brittany.  


With its innovative and contemporary staging, and its original and modern music, the Les Perrières ensemble places itself at the crossroads between tradition and modernity to continue to keep Breton culture alive and evolving.

Force of renewal and recognized on the Breton scene among the best Celtic circles, it offers each year creations of live shows, around dance, music, song and theater.


A fervent defender of dance in its traditional form, the circle works every year with the referents of the dances chosen for its shows, in order to present them in their collected form. The choreography is  then written to showcase the style and spirit of these dances.

This troupe of 20 dancers and 6 musicians was recognized by the War'l Leur confederation as one of the best Celtic circles by ranking in the highest category (1+) with five other ensembles in 2018 and 2019. It ranks today 'hui in the Excellence category of the new Kenleur confederation.


Each year, the Perrières present a new original creation of twenty minutes in the various Breton festivals but also everywhere in France (Var, Provence, Landes in 2015, Loiret in 2017, Vendée in 2019) and abroad (Turkey, Spain, Romania, Portugal,…). Beyond the simple presentation of dances, Les Perrières offer a complete show, all the dances being choreographed and staged to “live” music, also including light and video when technical conditions allow it.

D éfilés

The Perrières also take part in the various parades organized in Brittany in order to showcase their costumes from the Rennes region, so different from the costumes from Lower Brittany that the public is used to seeing. This allows spectators to discover all the diversity of Breton sartorial heritage.


I nitiation


Through its desire to share its culture and its passion, the Cercle Celtique Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné also offers activities to present in detail the dances of its region as well as its costumes. We also regularly run introductions to dance, which are very popular with the public.

photo 2.jpg

C ostumes

The costumes of the traditional Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné ensemble are faithful reproductions reconstituted from lithographs, photos or original pieces, depending on the period. Particular care has been taken to respect the quality of the fabrics, the cut, the style of the seamstresses of yesteryear and the art of fitting costumes and headdresses. Going from the beginning of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, more than ten clothing styles have been reconstructed and are worn regularly by the troupe, according to choreographic needs.

photo 4.jpg

1820-1840 : Work and bourgeois costumes

1860-1880 : Ceremonial and wedding costumes

1890-1910 : Costumes of craftswoman and peasant

1900-1920 : Ceremonial and work costumes

1920 - 1930 : Wedding suit

1940 - 1945 : “civilian” costumes

photo 1.jpg

C oiffes

photo 3.jpg

1820 - 1840 : Grande Catiole:

Headdress at the origin of many headdresses in Brittany which has endured in the Rennes region.


1850 - 1870 : Baby doll:

In embroidered tulle, it will disappear completely at the beginning of the 20th century.


1860 - 1880 : Catiole in embroidered tulle:

Scope "rebraced", it was the most widespread in the Rennes basin at that time.


1880 - 1940 : Polka:

Very popular headdress at the beginning of the 20th century, it consists of a cap enhanced with a lace frill knot placed on the upper chest.


1920 - 1940 : Butterfly: 

Evolution of the Catiole which has shrunk over the years to measure only twenty centimeters unfolded at the end of the tradition.

Five headdresses are presented and worn by the dancers of the circle: 


M usic

With 6 musicians, the musical group of Perrières consists of a diatonic accordion, a saxophone, a bassoon, a piano, a bass and a drums. This atypical composition allows the group to obtain a truly original sound and to be able to vary the musical colors. Thus, their music takes on accents sometimes jazzy, sometimes rock or even classical music according to the atmospheres sought in the show.


These numerous artistic possibilities make it possible to precisely match the staging and each movement of the dancers. Indeed, all the airs performed are original creations composed from the choreographies.

This precise work of composition and the quality of interpretation of the different musicians was rewarded in 2018 by the Music Coup de Coeur of the Confederation War'l Leur.

Find all the music of the Celtic Circle Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné in our different albums on sale at the store! 


C reations

2022  May have T

Affiche DEBOUT DEF.jpg

A Rennes, entre la rue Papu et la rue Louis Guilloux s’étend un vaste domaine entouré de hauts murs en brique d’où émerge une grande cheminée encore visible aujourd’hui. Mais que cachaient ces murs ? 

Histoire d’hier qui résonne encore terriblement aujourd’hui, voici la création 2023 du Cercle Celtique Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné : « DEBOUT » 

1er tableau : Le bal : Polka

2e tableau : Saint-Cyr : Dans Leon et Galop nantais

3e tableau : Maison close : Avant deux de Chateaubriant

4e tableau : Retour au couvent : Chant

5e tableau : La confrontation : Gavotte Kernevodez

2022 Tai mai

2018  R ésist'danse

2016 Il y avait une faï...

2014 L'Alcazar

affiche Alcazar.jpg

2019  F olles years

2017 Dansez!

2015 Reflet

2012 Comper

DVD Comper.JPG

Retrouvez l'intégralité de ces deux spectacles longs en DVD en vente à la boutique ! 

Rejoignez nous

Rejoignez-nous ! 

L'Ensemble Chorégraphique Traditionnel recrute !

Si vous êtes passionnés de danse bretonne et que vous souhaitez partager cette passion sur scène avec le public alors n'hésitez plus et venez rejoindre le groupe scénique du Cercle Celtique Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné ! L'ensemble chorégraphique traditionnel c'est des répétitions tous les vendredis et un dimanche par mois mais c'est surtout une dizaine de prestations chaque été aux quatre coins de la Bretagne dans les plus grands festivals. Mais avant tout, notre groupe scénique c'est du partage, de la joie, de la bonne humeur et beaucoup de plaisir !

Si vous avez encore un doute, venez pousser la porte de notre salle de répétitions pour découvrir l'ambiance et le fonctionnement du groupe.


Un essai de 3 répétitions gratuites est possible sans engagement. 


Ensemble chorégraphique traditionnel : 

Tous les vendredis

De 19h45 à 22h30

Espace sportif de Bourgchevreuil

Salle annexe

1, Boulevard de Dézerseul

35510 Cesson-Sévigné

Contact : 

Rémy Barbot

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